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Velejar em Lisboa com a Sailing in Lisbon


Interior do moonfleet

Interior do moonfleet

The learning we propose is always on board. Presentation, program introduction and its completion. We choose to do it non stop starting on any Friday afternoon to present the boat and where we explain what you need to bring on board and what you can expect during the process. On Saturday morning, is scheduled to sail in the early morning and only return the next day. During the weekend we will learn to call things by their names, hoist sails, maneuvering them, try different navigations (Stern, wide daggerboard) navigation and safety procedures, tides, currents, radio communication, live aboard and meals. The whole course is done on a trip where all elements are involved and meet the scales in all tasks.

We chose this kind of teaching for that besides the knowledge acquired, you can save this experience as a journey of personal enrichment and introduction to the world of sailing but with a touch of mini vacation.

Aboard Moonfleet gain self confidence and knowledge to embark on any boat and take the designated function. The greatest wealth is the wisdom and calmness that you will cope with life.

Sailing classes every month

Duration 2 days with night aboard
Capacity Groups from 6 to 8 persons
Price 250€ per person
Notes Food and manuals included
Aboard Moonfleet